Warm Dog Bed

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As fall approaches, so does the cooler weather.  This warm dog bed in just the thing to keep your dog comfortable and warm. 

Dog Bed Size:  (external measurements) 

  • S          45x32x13cm/17"x15"x5"
  • M         50x40x14cm/19.6"x15.7"x5.5"
  • L          60x50x15cm/23.6"x15.6"x5.9"
  • XL       80x60x15cm/31.5"x23.6"x5.9"
  • XXL     95x70x16cm/37.4"x27.5"x6.3"
  • XXXL  110x75x16cm/43.3"x29.5"x6.3"     

Dog Bed Material:   Polyester+Cashmere

Package:  1 x dog bed

Note: The product maybe out of shape due to the long and heavy extrusion during the shipping.  You can simply rub the part a few times, and it will return to the normal shape.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.